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Management Lessons from World Cup 2010 : thedesk
   - Football World Cup 2010 threw up interesting management lessons. Like efficient business models, outsourcing, teamwork, winning culture and many more.
Living with a Cause: Chat with Social Entrepreneur Vinay Kumar, Founder of The Village Store : thedesk
   - The Story of Vinay Kumar and how he moved from working in a Bank to being a Social Entrepreneur
Rahul Verghese: His Passion Makes the World Run : thedesk
   - Conversations with IIM-A’82 alum Rahul Verghese - the passionate marathoner who left a corporate career to start a company on running.
Entrepreneurship in INDIA : Shiv
   - Insights into Entrepreneurship in India from an M.Tech Mech. Engineer (IT BHU) from a well to do business family, who has been an entrepreneur for many years now
Steering your way to corporate leadership : Mangesh
   - The author lists certain must have skills that MBAs need to develop to win the corporate race. These skills have helped industry captains and leaders reach where they are today.
Whats Your War Cry? - Leadership Lessons from the Military : thedesk
   - Leadership is best learnt on the battlefield, where the smoke, pace, heat, grime, dust and the momentum of battle, the aggression of the opponent and the unpredictability of elements lends to the character of the conflict a rugged, realistic feel and teaches lessons that you don’t quite learn that in the operation planning rooms or boardrooms. To use a cliché, a battlefield teaches you what they don’t teach you at Harvard! more
Let the Head Think and Heart Speak : Indrani
   - The author emphasises the need to develop soft skills in order to do well in professional life
Jump Out of your Nest : Indrani
   - The author urges us to jump out of our cozy vertical thinking patterns, where our thoughts are created based on previous thoughts and experiences, and spread our wings by thinking creatively so as to embrace success.... read more
'Adolescence of the Indian Executive' by Subramanian K V : subramanian
   - With the opening up of the Indian economy and its integration with the global economy, the author talks about the personal traits and behavioral attributes that an executive today needs to possess to enable him to perform his role effectively. The author also talks about some business opportunities which arise due to these more
'It's the attitude that counts' by Mangesh Ghogre : Mangesh
   - Making the transition from student to employee is about having the right mindset.
Impact of US recession on outsourcing of IT and other services to India : Rahul
   - Do you think the Impact of US recession on outsourcing of IT and other services to India will be positive?
What salary can I expect with 5.5 yrs SAP MM+3.4 yrs in C++ & Java and 4 yrs in Domain exp. : Venkata
   - Hi, I am looking for a change now. I am currently with IBM India and it has been 3.5 years with it. I have not put much attention in the last 3 years on how the salery trends are going for SAP professional and will be useful if some can let me know this. So, I am looking out side of IBM now and would like to know What salery can I expect with 5.5 years SAP MM+3.4 yeears in C++ & Java and 4 years in Domain experience.. Reagrds Venkat
Career switching : Rajeev
   - Now a days when, job market is very hot, how one backed with 10-15 years of experiecne in one industry, can work out options for a better career in other industries?
Exec PG programme for ICFAI, Hyderabad : Prabhash
   - CA + MBA from ICFAI, Hyderabad
Whats the current Salary trend for a Java/J2EE developer with 3 years of experience : Sethuramalingam
   - Whats the salary limit that we can expect for a Java/J2ee developer with 3 years of experience in the IT Industry today?
Any one working in CA Products like CA Unicenter NSM etc?? : Pradeep
   - Need some help for CA certification like CUSA etc..
SAP Training in Bangalore : MOHANDASS
   - hi, i have 2+ years of experience in MM related filed from HAL (aerospace industry), i want to have a swith over; can i get some details about the recognised institute in bangalore and how much it may cost.
Any certificate courses for Risk Management ? : Abhishek
   - Are there any good short term Risk Management certificate courses available ? How good are they considered to move into Risk Management jobs ?
Career help regd wireless course : VaishnaviDurga
   - are there any institutes in chennai which offers course which includes topics on GPRS,GSM,Protocol testing,,,,,,
Just How many of us are stuck in jobs we dont like : agastee
   - It starts off well , you get assigned mutiple projects and somewhr r down the line those projects loose significance and baam u are not required .......
Supply Chain Management Certification : Anand
   - APIC certifies post graduates in Supply Chain, How useful or worth this certifications is?
JD Edwards : HAMID
   - Where should i study JDEdwards
How is the Course-PGDISEM offered by NITIE-Mumbai? : Mayank
   - I am selected for the course PGDISEM(PG Diploma in Indusrial Safety & Environmental Mang.).Now i am in final semester of my B.Tech & i have job offer by L & T Ltd.and now i am in dillema whether to join the course or to join the job.Which option will be best for me? Plz suggest me as soon as possible. Whishing you all great success ahead..............thanks!
Job Switching : Prabhakar
   - What factors should one cnsider while deciding to switch over from the one industry to another?
Whether people studied abroad should come back to india? : AMAN
Foreign Opportunities for MBA(Finance)? : Krishnan
   - How does one go about getting a job abroad in the financial sector? Looking for opportunities in places like Singapore or Hong Kong?
How is pune for working : Amit
What is the Importance of Six sigma ? : AMIT
What I like/ dislike about my job : thedesk
Switching from IT to Chemical Industry : Nitin
   - What are the things required when one is switching from an IT field to his core field (whatever he/she has studied during Engineering)
The Best Indian Cities to Live in :
   - Which are the best Indian cities to live in? - A Discussion
additional qualifications that would help a fresher. : Agathish
   - i want to know the anything a fresher could do to improve his standing in the industry, other than doing a pg.
Tough Interview Questions you have faced? : thedesk
   - Tough Interview Question you have faced? How did you respond.....or how do you wish you had responded
M.S. or MBA : Rahul
Relocating with expertise in quantitative financial modelling : Sreedhar
Salary Band : saurabh
   - What Band of Salary would I be in
Innovative Business Ideas : thedesk
How to manage vendors? : Prem
Have experience, where should i do my MBA : Pradeep S
Work options after MBA in UK : Amar
   - I have heard there have been changes in the work permit rules in UK
How is Kolkata as an IT option? : Bimal Kumar
Medium/Small company vs. Large Co. :
Switching from Industry to ERP Implementation (as domain expert) : Panduranga
Should I specialise in a particular vertical or a technology :
Job loyalty vs. financial growth :
IT Project Management to Strategic/Process Consulting :