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Underwriting & risk MAnagement : Julie
Any one working in CA Products like CA Unicenter NSM etc?? : Pradeep
   - Need some help for CA certification like CUSA etc..
SAP Training in Bangalore : MOHANDASS
   - hi, i have 2+ years of experience in MM related filed from HAL (aerospace industry), i want to have a swith over; can i get some details about the recognised institute in bangalore and how much it may cost.
Any certificate courses for Risk Management ? : Abhishek
   - Are there any good short term Risk Management certificate courses available ? How good are they considered to move into Risk Management jobs ?
Career help regd wireless course : VaishnaviDurga
   - are there any institutes in chennai which offers course which includes topics on GPRS,GSM,Protocol testing,,,,,,
Supply Chain Management Certification : Anand
   - APIC certifies post graduates in Supply Chain, How useful or worth this certifications is?
JD Edwards : HAMID
   - Where should i study JDEdwards
What is the Importance of Six sigma ? : AMIT
additional qualifications that would help a fresher. : Agathish
   - i want to know the anything a fresher could do to improve his standing in the industry, other than doing a pg.