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Living with a Cause: Chat with Social Entrepreneur Vinay Kumar, Founder of The Village Store : thedesk
   - The Story of Vinay Kumar and how he moved from working in a Bank to being a Social Entrepreneur
Rahul Verghese: His Passion Makes the World Run : thedesk
   - Conversations with IIM-A’82 alum Rahul Verghese - the passionate marathoner who left a corporate career to start a company on running.
Follow Your Dreams: Unconventional Careers of Professionals : thedesk
   - Unconventional Careers of Professionals
Career switching : Rajeev
   - Now a days when, job market is very hot, how one backed with 10-15 years of experiecne in one industry, can work out options for a better career in other industries?
Switching from IT to Chemical Industry : Nitin
   - What are the things required when one is switching from an IT field to his core field (whatever he/she has studied during Engineering)
Switching from Industry to ERP Implementation (as domain expert) : Panduranga
IT Project Management to Strategic/Process Consulting :