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Salary Negotiation – Tips and Strategies : thedesk
   - Tips on understanding the salary negotiation process and on evolving a negotiation strategy
What salary can I expect with 5.5 yrs SAP MM+3.4 yrs in C++ & Java and 4 yrs in Domain exp. : Venkata
   - Hi, I am looking for a change now. I am currently with IBM India and it has been 3.5 years with it. I have not put much attention in the last 3 years on how the salery trends are going for SAP professional and will be useful if some can let me know this. So, I am looking out side of IBM now and would like to know What salery can I expect with 5.5 years SAP MM+3.4 yeears in C++ & Java and 4 years in Domain experience.. Reagrds Venkat
Whats the current Salary trend for a Java/J2EE developer with 3 years of experience : Sethuramalingam
   - Whats the salary limit that we can expect for a Java/J2ee developer with 3 years of experience in the IT Industry today?
Salary Band : saurabh
   - What Band of Salary would I be in