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'Adolescence of the Indian Executive' by Subramanian K V : subramanian
   - With the opening up of the Indian economy and its integration with the global economy, the author talks about the personal traits and behavioral attributes that an executive today needs to possess to enable him to perform his role effectively. The author also talks about some business opportunities which arise due to these more
Telephone Interview Tips : thedesk
   - Here are a few tips to help you prepare for and take telephonic interviews
Job Hopping: The Grass is Greener Outside : thedesk
   - An article on job switching issues, specifically related to frequent job changes
Salary Negotiation – Tips and Strategies : thedesk
   - Tips on understanding the salary negotiation process and on evolving a negotiation strategy
Banking on Consolidation, Cross-selling and Global Sourcing : thedesk
   - Key Trends in the Global Banking Industry: A sector to bank on for continued job growth
Tips on writing a Resume : thedesk
   - Tips for preparing technical and managerial resumes
The Best Indian Cities to Live in : thedesk
   - Which are the best Indian Cities to live in?- A Discussion
Follow Your Dreams: Unconventional Careers of Professionals : thedesk
   - Unconventional Careers of Professionals
What’s the Good Trait? – Part II : thedesk
   - Assessing your career suitability through assessment tests
What’s the Good Trait? – Part 1 :
   - Assessing career suitability through assessment tests
Impact of US recession on outsourcing of IT and other services to India : Rahul
   - Do you think the Impact of US recession on outsourcing of IT and other services to India will be positive?
Supply Chain Management Certification : Anand
   - APIC certifies post graduates in Supply Chain, How useful or worth this certifications is?