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What’s the Good Trait? – Part 1
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Posted by :    Dec 28 2004
Assessing career suitability through assessment tests
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           As the information technology spin-offs open up exponential possibilities of multiple and precise options of information revelation through intelligent systems – the one thing that yet remains one of the most captivating areas of research is the functioning of the mind of a human professional that works behind such technological innovation. The elements of indefinable and changing human perceptions make it difficult and challenging to precisely assign causes of individual behaviour The professional workplace, with its hyper-critical elements of specialization, particularity and teamwork depends upon the dynamics of individual ability, team learning and work-to-individual compatibility. In such an event, studying and assessing human capabilities has been a subject of intriguing interest to candidates and employers alike.

           What are personality assessment tests?  For instance, tell us what impressions ran through your mind as you read the first paragraph? Of a guy that wrote these lines being the type who would make the pleasure of driving cars sound as tiresomely tedious as the science of automobile mechanics! Well, I would respond saying you are the intuitive type of person! Subconsciously, we are evaluating human actions, behaviour and personality most of the time. Now, do you want to know whether you actually happen to be the intuitive type or the sensing type? Do you also know that you are likely to fall amongst the sixteen personality types that the Myers Briggs technique of personality enumerates? Has it ever occurred to you that your personality may be similar to many others like you? One place where some career counsellors suggest you look for clues is personality or career tests. Luckily with the advent of the internet some of these instruments are available online. How much the tests can help in determining career choices is open to debate, however, the right career choice is always linked to a search for the self, and tests do play some role in stimulating self-awareness and growth. Online interactive tests are divided into two categories: Personality tests and career, or vocational tests. (Disclaimer Note: is not responsible for the veracity or results otherwise of these links)

           The links below to this test is one of the few free personality tests that tells you what kind of work you are suited for, what temperament you possess etc. MBTI, as it goes by its acronym, is based on Carl Jung’s notions of personality types.


(Click to take free tests)


             These tests are instruments for measuring a person’s preferences, using four basic scales with opposite poles like:

  1. Two ways of gaining energy (Extroverted/Introverted)

  2. Two ways of gathering information (Sensing/Intuition)

  3. Two ways of making decisions (Thinking/Feeling)

  4. Two ways of dealing with the world (Judging/Perceiving)

          There are more personality tests that give you a more rounded picture about the kind of temperament and work suitability that you may have. You may click the links below finding more about the kind of personality characteristics and traits:


          The science that applies to every aspect of our professional life is one that lies beneath some of the most well known and successful personality assessment tests. After all, will you not need a highly intelligent and intrinsically developed system that is able to uncoil a subject that is as sharp, wicked, complicated, insecure and unpredictable as a professional mind?  When we are looking for a new direction we look everywhere to figure out clues to what our destination should be so that in our next step we align our career train on the destined track and follow without further derailments.

          If the tests have whetted your appetite to learn more about your personality type click on the links below to find out more about the various temperaments and the category you are likely to fall under. Keirsey has sorted 16 personality types into various temperaments. The site has extensive descriptions with examples of the personality types. The one negative factor here is that you have to go through several links in the site to find out more about your type.


             Another highly popular test is the Enneagram test, which is supposed to be a powerful and dynamic personality test system that describes nine distinct and different patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting. It tells us what motivates us, what are basic approaches we implement to survive and thrive, and what makes relationships prosper or falter. To take a free online test click here:


            The Enneagram is a newest personality system that banks upon psychological motivations.  Its earliest beginnings may have been based on Sufi traditions. However it is said that the modern version may have developed in the 20th century, from Oscar Ichazo. The writings of his disciple Claudio Narango, Kathy Hurley and Helen Palmer have further shaped these tests. The Enneagram is an indicative tool of one's emotional outlook on life. It has grown to be become particularly accepted amongst therapists, psychologists and business managers.

There are a number of tests to determine the Enneagram type. To know more about the Enneagram type, click the following links:


          Personality tests cannot be sacrosanct and final evaluators of your personality but they can act as powerful indicators if you choose to understand the logic behind each one of them. Personalities may not undergo changes after such tests but understanding of one’s personality certainly can. The greatest changes in life are the ones you identify and recognize. Personality tests can help an individual discover his strengths, weaknesses, suitability, compatibility that are so essential in weaving a harmonious organization culture. As the workplace becomes a beehive of frenetic activity and a professional searches, explores and seeks out his best fit, personality test indicators will continue to grow as the best approximate indicators of his potential. Studies have shown that to be a successful professional in today’s networked world, socials strengths are much more important than a brilliant mind. After all, don’t they say that the most successful CEOs around are the ones who always smile in the pictures and network the most, off them!

 (We will continue the next part of this series on personality test indicators with some more tests…watch this space next week!)