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Management Lessons from World Cup 2010 : thedesk
   - Football World Cup 2010 threw up interesting management lessons. Like efficient business models, outsourcing, teamwork, winning culture and many more.
Entrepreneurship in INDIA : Shiv
   - Insights into Entrepreneurship in India from an M.Tech Mech. Engineer (IT BHU) from a well to do business family, who has been an entrepreneur for many years now
B-schools: Building Skills for Entrepreneurs : thedesk
   - A look at Entrepreneurship Programs offered by B-Schools
Entrepreneurship Ventures : Two To Tango : thedesk
   - Seeking partners to drive successful ventures
Social and Business Networking – The New Age Mantra : thedesk
   - The Whys and Hows of Networking through people
Encash When Young or Glitter When Old : thedesk
   - What is the right age to turn an entrepreneur?
Innovative Business Ideas : thedesk
How to manage vendors? : Prem