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How to manage vendors?
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Posted by : Prem   Jan 4 2005
As an entrepreneur I have had to deal with issues of inefficient vendor delivery. There is this underlying question of having to deal with people who are either not professional or with organizations run by people who are not professional enough. Being a small firm vendors sometimes are also small firms which may not be very professional though there is a good deal of flexibility possible. This poses the problems of incompetence that forces you to slow down and affects your competitiveness in the market. Also there could be a situation where you are dependent on a vendor and cannot replace him so easily. It is also true that the success of the entrepreneur depends upon the manner in which he chooses the people he is going to work with- both within the organization and outside it (that is - vendors, service engineers, and suppliers). More often, an entrepreneur chooses his team but overlooks the need to choose the right kind of vendors (for software solutions etc.). I have had a hard time getting around the people I chose to work (especially vendors) with when I began. I wish to know whether any other person faced this problem while starting out on his own.