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Posted by : Indrani   Apr 2 2008
The author emphasises the need to develop soft skills in order to do well in professional life
The core purpose of education is to ensure that our citizens have the skills needed to actively participate in the democratic society. Human values among students can be fostered through personality development programmes. Behavioral skills can be imparted along with professional skills, thus linking values with knowledge.

Value education is not only the heart of education but we can put it rightly as value education is the education of heart. Indian education system (gurukalams) always set knowledge and skills to go hand in hand. Very important saying “Vidya Vinayen Shobhate” in Sanskrit tells us that persons intelligence is valued only if he is polite and humble. Values cannot be forced on a learner. Good intention of a teacher is not sufficient for real integration of values unless the seeker agrees to inherit it as his unconditional choice. Men with values will never succumb to pressures of work and competitors. Values in today’s world are called as soft skills – ability to respond to situations, ability to take leadership and enhance the co-operative activity to take the group to it’s best position, A leader who has good interpersonal skills supports co-members to offer their best. Value education teaches harmony, independence and leadership. A person who succeeds in the right way is the one who inspires others to succeed.

Knowledge is appreciated when it is well presented. Thus to let others accept your capacities you have to exhibit them in a right way. So one needs to have good speaking skill, presentation skill, listening skill, writing skill, body language and most important is the right attitude. These all skills together are called as soft skills. A good professional is the one who can acquire required knowledge, technical skills and moreover can exhibit them with good communication skills, support his subordinates with good leadership skills. He has a positive attitude which teaches us to laugh at our miseries and be sympathetic towards others miseries.

Globalization has made the unification of analytical abilities of east and behavioral soft skills of the west. Today Education is complete only when it is based on the information, analytical mentalities added with proper soft skills. Success of a person depends on how beautifully he/she can absorb the above three capabilities and mould them selves to posses the leadership qualities even before entering into the professional life.

Every teacher, parent and student must understand the need of the day and take necessary steps to mould themselves to be able to combine knowledge, Information and hand skills with the most important element of modern world Soft Skills.

Dr Indrani kelkar
Associate Professor
Vignan’s Institute of Information Technology
Visakhapatnam, A.P. ,