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How is Kolkata as an IT option?
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Posted by : Bimal Kumar   Jan 10 2005
I am basically from Calcutta, and have had my basic schooling there. I've been away from the city for the last 8 years, though my parents are still there. I have around 4 yrs of workex in the IT industry in b'lore. My parents have been asking me to come back and work there. I had not returned to the city earlier for lack of good opportunities and a professional work culture. Recently i have heard that things are improving with more IT companies setting up office in Salt Lake etc. and there have been some improvements in infrastructure. I'm skeptical at the same time about how much things have really changed. Growth of the industry at a place and a condusive professional culture are two different things which are both essential. I'd love to hear from people who are working there in the IT industry as to whether it will be the right decision to relocate to Calcutta now.