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Job loyalty vs. financial growth
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Posted by :    Dec 14 2004
I have been on my current job for the past 3-4 years. I joined this company straight from campus. In the last few years almost all my batchmates have quit their first jobs for better paying jobs. Though there has been an increase in my job responsibilities and learning there hasn’t been a proportional increase in the pay structure. I have been waiting here because I always viewed the job change as one where I need to leverage myself better, and I felt I would be able to do it better by building up a better profile here in the current organization. In the past few months I have however felt the need to grow financially when I see the situation elsewhere. I am confused as to whether I will be at a lower salary than my batchmates over the next 4 years if I am loyal to this firm against switching jobs every 2 years. Will anyone with a similar experience be able to throw some more light on this issue?