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M.S. or MBA
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Posted by : Rahul   Mar 10 2005
I am an engineer from an REC, batch of 2002 (Electrical). I am working as a software engineer in the IT industry for past almost 3 years. I plan to study for my masters but I am a little undecided about which is the right option:

1. An M.S. in Comp. Sc. in the US. Though I like the appeal of a higher standard of living and professional working conditions, I am unsure about the scholarships available and the job prospects. I have not got much info about job prospects, salary prospects, long term career prospects etc. for MS as is the case with MBAs in US. I am also hearing that there is uncertainty in getting a visa even if you have confirmed admission.

2. Another option is an MBA from a good institute in India. I think I would like to get a better understanding of business and an MBA would enable that. However, whether I would get into a good institute like the IIMs is uncertain. And thereafter whether I get into an international job is also uncertain. An MS on the other hand may provide me an opportunity to work abroad. Getting an MBA from a US university is prohibitively expensive and even one from Europe is quite expensive, whatever the payback period.

3. Should I continue with my job and go for an MBA after a couple of years.

I think there would also be others in a similar position as I am in. It would be nice if you guys could give us your thoughts in the matter. ,,