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Management Lessons from World Cup 2010 : thedesk
   - Football World Cup 2010 threw up interesting management lessons. Like efficient business models, outsourcing, teamwork, winning culture and many more.
Steering your way to corporate leadership : Mangesh
   - The author lists certain must have skills that MBAs need to develop to win the corporate race. These skills have helped industry captains and leaders reach where they are today.
Whats Your War Cry? - Leadership Lessons from the Military : thedesk
   - Leadership is best learnt on the battlefield, where the smoke, pace, heat, grime, dust and the momentum of battle, the aggression of the opponent and the unpredictability of elements lends to the character of the conflict a rugged, realistic feel and teaches lessons that you don’t quite learn that in the operation planning rooms or boardrooms. To use a cliché, a battlefield teaches you what they don’t teach you at Harvard! more
Let the Head Think and Heart Speak : Indrani
   - The author emphasises the need to develop soft skills in order to do well in professional life
Jump Out of your Nest : Indrani
   - The author urges us to jump out of our cozy vertical thinking patterns, where our thoughts are created based on previous thoughts and experiences, and spread our wings by thinking creatively so as to embrace success.... read more
'Adolescence of the Indian Executive' by Subramanian K V : subramanian
   - With the opening up of the Indian economy and its integration with the global economy, the author talks about the personal traits and behavioral attributes that an executive today needs to possess to enable him to perform his role effectively. The author also talks about some business opportunities which arise due to these more
'It's the attitude that counts' by Mangesh Ghogre : Mangesh
   - Making the transition from student to employee is about having the right mindset.
Yoga at the Workplace - Part 1: Yoga on the move : sushila
   - Part of a series of articles on integrating yoga techniques into the lifestyle of the ever-busy and time starved corporate executive. This article is for executives who are frequently on the move.
A Sense of Values by Vikram Karve : Vikram
   - An insightful article which urges us to find our own values (by the “why” method) to avoid value mismatch. The author argues that value mismatch is at the root cause of dilemmas in our life. A conflict between our personal and organizational values may result in ethical dilemmas, while value mismatch between two persons may sow discord and cause stress and turbulence in a relationship. The mutual harmony in our values should determine our choice of work, activities, relationships, friends and partner. Read more....
'Book Review - The Peter Prescription' : Vikram
   - The Peter Prescription, another management classic, is a philosophical self-help treatise on how to achieve happiness in all aspects of more