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Posted by : prashant   May 4 2008
computerisation in government
eGovernance in government means transperency and honesty. An erp approach is needed to integrate all government procedures on national, state level and local organisations in such a way that duplication of data is avoided, laws, rules and regulations are prop[erly obeyed and followed and user friendly. internet server based operations are provided with usage based charges. internet broad band services should be available at every post office in the language of user choice.

prinicipally computerisation in banks model should be followed.

gis, accounting and hr should be the main modules. the country should be divided into squares of 1 km or even upto 1 m. unique number to each square be given. 99999 x 99999 may be enough. squares should be parallel to longitude and lattitudes. additional identifiers like pincode, election or municipal wards or some fixed identifiers or references can be attached both ways.

land, properties, water, roads, rail, power etc all data must reference to these squares. for security, defence and common laws and regulations, taxations all border limitations should be removed. loksabha, rajyasabha member constituency should be politically be represented by that respective member only and all local elected members and organisations should report to him. the multiple government organisations and political bodies be completely removed. one boss is must.

double entry accounting system must be used for each transaction and within given time. government actually doesnot do any work but give contracts and tries to control without any responsibility. then they have multiple checks and rechecks working for each other. they donot beleive themselves. corruption is rampant, too much. every signature, table is source of corruption. if these units are privatised, employment can be reduced ten times with 100 times increase in efficiency and productivity. government should govern and leave the business to able people. no government employee can be selected for a productive job. non productive jobs like licensing, acting middlemen, single entry accounting staff should be removed.

hr is very important. organisation work flow, responsibilities, authorities, targets should be followed and as data for same gets updated online, pending work will get automatically highlighted. many procedures can be completed on line with document management system and using master data like birth and death certificates, rationing, passport, driving licenses, land records, property records, bank records, crime records on national basis so that results can be given in much less time and accurately. for example consider following systems, if we have to charge not more than 25% indivisually or product or process or company or business, can we do it. why pay government servants if you are going to take it back by various ways and spend additional expenses in collecting, monitoring and keeping records. almost 55% goes in billing and administration cost. remove all subsidiaries. again cost of managing and administration of subsidiaries may be more than actual amount collected. unless you have data, it will be difficult to calculate how much we are spending for nothing.

so suggested national level server farm for all integrated operations of government and allied organisations where they will use online system and save money.,