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Life at NITW ,Diary Post dated June 15, 2007
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Posted by : Life at NITW - Aditya   Jun 16 2007
Life at NITW - Diary Post dated June 15, 2007

This collegediary is of a 3rd year student at NITW (Electrical) providing a glimpse of life, news & happenings from the NIT, Warangal campus

National Institute of Technology, Warangal (formerly known as REC, Warangal) will begin the new academic year on 18th of July with the same excitement and enigma as every other year. The juniors will of course make an entry later on around 1st of August.

Over the past 50 years, there have been numerous developments and improvements. However, the Profs haven’t changed a bit. Their first class is always the same. They give their intros, blabber about their subject and leave. A rare few manage to take our intros and act as if they are recording our names and faces into their unquestionable memory. The very next class, you would see them addressing the kids as ‘the blue shirt guy’, ‘that specs boy’ or sometimes just ‘you there’. But first classes are always fun. Once, we got a new lecturer for EMI (Measurements) who was a total faltoo and looked so young that when he entered the class, we were unsure whether to stand or not. We couldn’t stop laughing when he started his intro. He said: “First only first class, then also laugh, Why? First all stage fear and I talk about very importance. If I see you laugh again, I will throw the door out of you”.

Such eloquent speakers are not rare in other colleges. The other day when I was catching up with my long lost friends, I was baffled by some of the statements they encountered at college.

One said: “Yesterday, one boy connect ammeter in parallel, supply, pointer go, he beat, no come back, he beat again, but no come back, I sent out”

“Take a 5 cm. wire of any length”.

“Why are you late? Answer Yes or No”.

Then there was: “I have a daughter studying in X, she is a girl”.

And: “No! Don’t bend on table. If shock, who responsible?”

Such comic characters are often the star attractions for every one to discuss at the end of the day.

The hostels have seen a few developments. 13th block (Rajendra Prasad Hall) opposite H-office is allocated to the juniors while 14th block (behind the stadium) is for 4th years. While the 4th years and LH blocks have free net in their room, the OFC’s (Optical Fibre Cables) have been laid in the other blocks & we will hopefully have net by 3-1. Admin building has been under construction for the past 2 years and isn’t expected to be completed within the next 2 years. Y V Rao, a former NIT Suratkal prof. is our new director. Rumour has it that he is expected to become the chief of AICTE. Last year he scared the entire insti by giving attendance shortage to almost half the students. The students begged the director, organized protests & after 3 distressing days, he made the cut-off from 80% to 60%. The people below 50 got supple’s and Summer Quarter while those between 60 to 70 were fined heavily.

Despite suspension of numerous students every year, chiefu hasn’t been able to curb ragging completely though it has reduced considerably. Despite the efforts, unscrupulous and atrocious activities continue to prevail at the cafte, the lake, the lawn & hostel at odd hours until everybody gets freshers. The latest get-together spot is the NESCAFE outlet put-up opposite the Audi. Students enjoy coffee while listening to jazzy music coming from SAC.

Unlike the previous years, this time we had a single tech fest common to all branches i.e. Technozion’07. This was quickly followed by the rocking informal fest Spring Spree’07. It was a star adorned event with bands like Vayu, Stiff neck Syndrome & Indian Idol finalist Abhay revving-up the nights. Another major event in the last sem was the Open-Source Workshop organized by the IEEE student branch committee which saw lecturers by eminent personalities from Google, Yahoo, Sun Microsystems, Caritor and many more. The Literary & Debating Club was in full form with a number of events lined back to back with IGNOBEL’06 standing out as their best. NITW also showed its caliber in sports by clinching the Intramurals in Badminton and Volleyball. It also hosted the Pete-Transformers Cup which was a huge success.

While Karim Bhai in the juice centre & the elite Swiss Bakery still attract masses, Kalinga & Kanishka remain in business with mess food not improving a bit. ECE still has all its frustu Profs while CSE still enjoys 5 subjects per sem, the least among all branches. And how can anyone forget Beggars day, the best day for all final years who dress-up in rags and go begging for trash from anyone and everyone who comes in their sight.

With students gearing up for campus placements, NITW is abuzz with summer projects, intern opportunities and mock-aptis.

Despite all the ups and downs students face here, I am sure every student leaving the college will be proud of NITW as his past 4 years would undoubtedly be the most eventful period of his life. ,,,,,,,,,