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Management Lessons from World Cup 2010 : thedesk
   - Football World Cup 2010 threw up interesting management lessons. Like efficient business models, outsourcing, teamwork, winning culture and many more.
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The Muse of Spiti: Ishita Khanna - TISS Alumna, MTV Youth Icon and Social Entrepreneur : thedesk
   - Chat with Ishita Khanna - TISS alumna and MTV youth icon and her work about building a sustainable economy in remote Himalayan villages.
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Looking Up: IIM-B alumnus Karan Bajaj on his new book Johnny Gone Down : thedesk
   - Chat with bestselling author Karan Bajaj on his latest book Johnny Gone Down.
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Living with a Cause: Chat with Social Entrepreneur Vinay Kumar, Founder of The Village Store : thedesk
   - The Story of Vinay Kumar and how he moved from working in a Bank to being a Social Entrepreneur
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Umesh Malhotra - Helping Children Read and Grow : thedesk
   - Conversations with Umesh Malhotra - an IIT alum pursuing a unique passion in social entrepreneurship. He runs Hippocampus - a company that promotes reading amongst children.
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Chat with IIM Alumna and Classical Musician Manasi Prasad: A Voice of Excellence : thedesk
   - Manasi Prasad talks about how she pursued her life's passion despite other choices, and more.
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Saying Hi to Life! - A chat with FMS alum, Siddharth Banerjee on his debut book : thedesk
   - FMS alum Siddharth Banerjee’s debut book ‘High on Life’ weaves together stories, tips and accounts of over 1000 professionals, from IIT-IIM graduates to doctors and entrepreneurs, in areas as diverse yet relevant as careers, marriage, homemaking, children, weekends, socializing, and personal finance. Here, we present an interview with the author about his book, work-life balance and his experiences while writing it.
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A chat with IIT Alum & Quality expert C V Murali on his debut novel, Dreams Die Young : thedesk
   - A chat with IIT Alum & 6bridges member C V Murali on his debut novel, Dreams Die Young. Murali is a post graduate in Metallurgical Engineering from M.S.University, Baroda and IIT-Mumbai and is also a Quality expert with 18 yrs of experience, currently working in an MNC in Gurgaon. We caught up with Murali, the writer and professional about his book and other things.
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